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BIA East Staff Directory

Arabic Immersion Teachers

arabic kinder.jpeg

Rihab Rishak


arabic 3rd grade.jpeg

Marwah Salman

3rd Grade

arabic 1st grade.jpeg

Hakima Soussa

1st Grade

arabic 4th grade.jpeg

Abeer Al-Faraji

4th Grade

arabic 2nd grade Mayasah Abdullah.jpeg

2nd Grade

5th 6th grade arabic.jpeg

Mawj Aljuboori

Middle School

Chinese Immersion Teachers

French Immersion Teachers

french kindergarten.jpeg

IB Coordinator

Beatrice Tchapda

French 3rd.jpeg

3rd Grade

Ridha Ben Zhani

French middle school ind and societies.jpeg

Middle School, Ind & Societies / Lang & Lit

M. Nono Mukari

French 1st grade.jpeg

1st Grade

Mme Oumou Diarrassouba

French 4th.jpeg

4th Grade

Mme Lydie Koissi

French middle school math and science.jpeg

Middle School, Math and Science

M. Bakr Soussah

French 2nd.jpeg

2nd Grade

Mounir El Aloussi

French 5th Grade.jpeg

5th Grade

M. Jules Mbami

Russian Immersion Teachers

russian 2nd grade.jpeg

2nd Grade

Ms. Lyudmila Santana

Russian 5th - 8th grademath and science.jpeg

 Middle School

Ms. Iuliia Zvonareva

Russian 3rd Grade.jpeg

3rd Grade

Ms. Yana Willey

Russian 4th grade.jpeg

4th & 5th Grade

Elaine Kukin

Spanish Immersion Teachers

Spanish Kindergarten.jpeg


Vilmarie Santiago

Spanish 2nd grade.jpeg

2nd Grade

Sra. Jesis Mora Salas

Spanish Kindergarten Paraprofessional.jpeg

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Brenda Ortiz

Subject Teachers

subject english language arts .jpeg

Department Head, English and Language Arts

Dr. Susan Moore

Subject reading intervention.jpeg

Title 1 Reading Intervention

Kira Casey

subject music and performing arts.jpeg

Music and Performing Arts Director

Mrs. Kira Levitzky

subject computer.jpeg

Resource, Computer, Science, and Technology

Cheick Drabo

subject 4th grade english language arts.jpeg

4th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Taylor Stern

footer_bg (2).png

3rd Grade English Language Arts

Vanessa Cheng

subject reading and math.jpeg

Title 1 Reading and Math Intervention

Mme Nicole Tadzong

subject art teacher.jpeg

Art Teacher

Jessica Choi-Murdock

Administrative Support

staff school counselor.jpeg

School Counselor

Helena Boothe-Sterrett
staff speech pathologist.jpeg

Speech Pathologist

Yaminah Ali
footer_bg (2).png

Lead Custodian

Mr. Ivor McLeod
staff cafeteria.jpeg

Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Ana Senas Lopez
footer_bg (2).png

School Based Mental Health Therapist

Ms. Erica Feigenbaum
staff executive assistant.jpeg

Executive Assistant

Ms. Lisa Eimer
footer_bg (2).png


Sra Hilem Mendoza
staff via pto president.jpeg

BIA PTO President

Ms. Ashley Stith 
staff behavior intervention specialist.jpeg

Behavioral Intervention Specialist

Ms. Maryland Shaw
footer_bg (2).png

Cafeteria Assistant Manager 

M. Octave Kouagou​
staff cafeteria manager.jpeg

Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Gladys Ridley
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