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Welcome to Baltimore International Academy's Kindergarten Section....this is where the Learning begins!

BIA creates a culture of high expectations for our students’ education. We strive to develop our students’ academic and character growth. And Kindergarten is where the learning begins.

Our students begin their journey with their first exposure to their target language. Whether they learn in French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese, they receive instruction in the Maryland State and Baltimore City Schools curriculum standards.


We are also proud to be in candidate status for the International Baccalaureate World organization. We have embraced its philosophy to develop international-minded young people through implementing the IB's Primary Years Program (PYP). The PYP is using student-centered learning approach that encourages critical thinking skills, collaboration, and global awareness.


Who We Are

Our Kindergartners will begin the school year on the PYP Theme, "Who We Are" with the central idea, “Discovering me in the community” In this unit, students learn about how their families and their school are communities. They discover and explore rules and procedures they follow in both units, family, and school.


We are committed to working with our parents to achieve our students’ success. We will always keep you informed of what we are learning in the classroom; this website is designed as a part of our information process.


Please click on the document below; it is our Education Target Sheet and lets you know what our focus is for the month.

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