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Prospective Parents

Hello, Prospective Parents!


I heard about Baltimore International Academy through some of my friends# One of my friends has a son enrolled in the school already and the other wants her son to attend the school# Each friend was equally excited to tell me all the great benefits that the academy offers, especially the fact that students are taught a foreign language# I am so excited that a school like this exists and best of all, a single parent such as myself can afford the give her child the best education and a competitive edge over others.


Jamie Drew, NALP

BIA Parent




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Baltimore International Academy


We are a charter school in the Baltimore City Public School system. We have 753 students enrolled for our 2017-2018 school year. Our staff represents nearly one dozen countries, and our students have the opportunity to select one of five foreign languages to study in their core subjects: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and French.


We are closely involved with our parents and work collaboratively to make sure our students succeed.




Helpful Tips



Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of BIA Students: 



We know that you want only the best education and life for your children and we want to help you as much as we can. We have dedicated this page to provide helpful articles that cover a range of topics, from homework to nutrition. We will add new articles to this page on a monthly basis. We hope that you will find them useful. Please click on the link below for our September articles: 



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