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BIA East School Tour

Dear Prospective BIA East Families,


We are happy to announce that we will have an in-person school tour on Tuesday, March 19, from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. 


This will take place at our school, located at 4410 Frankford Ave. All are welcome, and there is plenty of on-site parking. Visitors are asked to enter through the main doors and sign in with their photo ID in the Main Office. The tour will start from the Main Lobby and focus on Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms.


All parents/guardians, even those on the waiting list, are strongly encouraged to attend at least one tour. This will be the only tour before the April 8 decision deadline. Families who receive a placement off the waiting list may only have a short time to decide and may not have another opportunity to visit the school. We will plan another online information session and announce the date via email as soon as possible.


We hope you can make it!


Here is the link to the Accept/Decline form for accepted families if you need it again:

Spanish Immersion Class
Chinese Immersion Class
Arabic Immersian Class
Russian Immersion Class
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