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Former BIA Student Certified by ACTFL as Intermediate High Russian Speaker

Please see this update and testimonial from a former BIA Parent:

Shout out to Baltimore International Academy Russian Faculty and Administrators: I am pleased to officially announce that Sage is officially Certified as an Intermediate High level Russian speaker by the ACTFL: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages via the OPI exam.

She completed this as a requirement of completion for the Indiana University - Flagship Russian Summer Program 2020. While in quarantine, she was been working hard to complete this program after not taking class or speaking RUSSIAN since the 8th grade. I just want to make sure I say to all the naysayers who asked me WHY IS SHE TAKING RUSSIAN as a child - THIS is why - this certificate qualifies for entry level positions starting at 80K+ annually. I also want to say thank you to the founders of BIA as well as the faculty who invested relentlessly into my child since the 2nd grade all the way up until her valedictorian run to 8th grade completion.

You - and Your vision - are appreciated! Sage Sarai is literally becoming the GLOBAL ARTIST & CITIZEN she has always wanted to be! Thank you - thank you - thank you! She leaves in 11 days for college! Donate if you can or share her fundraiser, if possible. Thanks!

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